Best Style for MMA/UFC

Best Style for MMA

A commonly asked question is: “What’s the best style of martial arts?” However, this question is very open-ended and subjective. The answer depends on whether you are looking at martial for self-defense, sports, or both – you see the problem? It might help to consider, “Best for what?” So, what’s the best style to train … Read more

How Much Money Do MMA Fighters Earn?

How Much Money Do MMA Fighters Earn

Getting paid to do sports is nothing new – it’s been happening for years now in soccer, rugby, and basketball. So, it’s no surprise that the world of combat sports joined the list of paid sports. As the popularity of the UFC and MMA has risen, so have salaries and money-making opportunities. Considering that these … Read more

MMA Workouts at Home – No Equipment Needed

MMA is an intense, full-contact combat sport, and it requires a lot of time and preparation before you can enter the cage. Most of that preparation is done – usually – in a gym or training center. These places typically have all the necessary equipment for training: heavy bags, focus mitts, weights, and other pieces … Read more

Best Gloves for MMA, Taekwondo, and Karate

Best Gloves for MMA

It’s important to use the best gloves you can when training in martial arts. Whether it’s MMA, taekwondo, karate, muay Thai, or boxing, you’re probably wearing gloves while sparring. The purpose of gloves in martial arts is to protect the fragile bones of the hand and prevent you from accidentally breaking your hand. This is … Read more