Top 10 Deadliest Martial Arts Styles

When you think of martial arts, what comes to mind? If I had to guess, I’d say: karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, boxing, the UFC, and maybe movies like The Karate Kid and Rocky. These are all great, but they’re also somewhat limited to sports and entertainment. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of martial arts disciplines … Read more

Best Groin Guards for Martial Arts

Your groin is one of the most vulnerable targets in sport, but it’s even more vulnerable in martial arts than in any other discipline. Between the reduced surface area and the very, very sensitive nerve endings, a blow to your nether regions is excruciatingly painful. Now, most Dojos will have a rule in place: don’t … Read more

MMA Workouts at Home – No Equipment Needed

MMA is an intense, full-contact combat sport, and it requires a lot of time and preparation before you can enter the cage. Most of that preparation is done – usually – in a gym or training center. These places typically have all the necessary equipment for training: heavy bags, focus mitts, weights, and other pieces … Read more

Best Shin Guards for Martial Arts

Protecting your legs when sparring is vital if you want to stay mobile and functional, and this is where sparring gear can help out significantly. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why shin guards?” Well, do me a favour – think about your shins for a second. They’re all bone, right? Now, imagine trying to … Read more

Which Martial Art Should I Learn First?

This is a common question, albeit complicated, question. When it comes to training in martial arts, selecting a style is a major step in the process – it’s also the most daunting part. The problem is that there is no right or wrong style to learn. Why is that a problem? Well, it makes the … Read more

Best Shoes for Martial Arts

When it comes to training – especially hard training – you want to be as comfortable as possible. This is particularly true if you’re on your feet for most of the time. With that said, shoes can be a tricky piece of equipment because your choice will depend on your martial arts style. Styles like … Read more